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Mentor Nation Podcast

We seek out world-class entrepreneurs so they can mentor you in a power-packed interview full of strategies, stories, and insights. 

I am John. I am the host of the Mentor Nation Podcast where we bring world class leaders, entrepreneurs, and people doing interesting things and we get them to mentor you by sharing their journeys, their stories, and their best advice. Think of it like having a personal mentor every week who is there to give you a tip, a kick or an aha moment so that you are more equipped in your success journey.

You see, I believe that mentorship is the most important ingredient to success, and yet the most lacking for people wanting to live a better life. Growing up in a poor family, I didn’t even know what a great mentor was let alone where to find one. I learned everything the hard way and failed over and over again until I found my first mentor at the age of 29, and it changed my whole life in less than one year.

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Franklin, Tennessee, USA