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NappervilleOMS – Blecha & Jandali

Drs. Blecha and Jandali have helped patients in the Naperville area for the past 30 years, providing the full spectrum of care including wisdom teeth and jaw repositioning surgery. Drs. Blecha and Jandali have a special interest in dental implants and bone grafting. Most surgery is performed in the office under local or general anesthesia, although the hospital is available for special cases. Our state of the art office is located at 10 West Martin Ave, Suite 164, Naperville, IL

A dental implant is similar to a root of a tooth in many ways. It can support a single crown (tooth) or can be combined with other implants to create a bridge to replace many teeth. Multiple dental implants can be used to replace all of the teeth on one or both jaws when all of the teeth are lost or are failing. Dental implants support the adjacent bone, soft tissues, and facial contours, allowing patients to regain their full chewing function and confidence in their teeth.

10 W Martin Ave #164